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Dual Enrollment through NOVA Extended Learning Institute

Dual Enrollment allows qualified high school and home schooled students to earn college credits for courses taken online through NOVA ELI while still studying high school courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dual Enrollment at NOVA’s Extended Learning?

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school and home schooled students to earn college credits for courses taken online through NOVA ELI while still studying high school courses. With approval from the high school, these college credits may be used to meet high school graduation requirements, as well. For some students, dual enrollment may be a better option than taking AP or IB courses.

Why Take Dual Enrolled Courses?

You can begin working on an associate degree or certificate, allowing you to complete college course work while finishing high school requirements for graduation. You may gain confidence in your ability to do college work and you may have an easier transition when you move into post-secondary education. You may also take a course for college credit only, which is not available through your high school curriculum.

Who Can Participate?

To participate, you must be a high school junior or senior, have the support of your parents, and be recommended by your principal and high school counselor if you are matriculating in a high school. Students are approved when their academic achievement, their placement tests, and other supporting information shows they are college ready, and demonstrate an understanding of online learning and personal traits consistent with successful online students. Students must meet all course pre-requisites, as applicable.

How are Dual Enrollment Classes through ELI Different from On-Campus Dual Enrollment Courses?

Taking a Dual Enrollment Class online will have similarities and differences when compared to on-campus classes. To learn more, visit our website at http://eli.nvcc.edu, and read our Orientation section “What Do I Need To Know About Online Learning?

Important note:

The dual enrollment forms must be submitted at least 10 work days before classes begin.
Students who do not meet this deadline will need to explore alternative Start Dates.


  • Complete the ELI Orientation modules.
  • Students and parents should become familiar with the online learning process through ELI to ensure that the course delivery format will work for you and optimize your learning experience.

  • Complete the Smarter Measure Assessment for Online Learning.
  • Dual Enrollment students are required to take the SmarterMeasure Assessment for Online Learning.

  • Apply for admission to NOVA.
  • Before applying, meet with your high school counselor to assess your readiness for college level work and to determine how dual enrollment credits will apply to your high school requirements.

  • Take placement tests in English and Math, if appropriate. Alternately, provide the SAT or ACT scores which will qualify the student for the course requested.

  • Students new to NOVA must take the English placement test and place into ENG111/9 or higher, or provide documentation showing a score on the SAT or the ACT, as noted below:

    • Virginia Placement Test in English: a placement into ENG 111 or higher;
    • SAT Critical Reading and Writing tests: a score of 500 or higher on each;
    • ACT English test: a score of 21 or higher.

    For certain courses in math and math related courses such as Physics, a qualifying score in one of these math tests is necessary:

    • Virginia Placement Test in Math. The qualifying score will depend on the Math class for which the student needs to show proficiency;
    • SAT Math test score of 520;
    • ACT Math test score of 22 or higher.

    Please note the following:

  • Review college information on ELI website, and become familiar with how online learning works at ELI.
    • The College Catalog describes the courses, college policies and degree and certificate programs offered at NOVA.
    • The Schedule of Classes lists the classes, times and locations for credit courses.
    • ELI Course Descriptions provide the following information for all ELI courses: overview, objectives, materials, grading, exams, policies and procedures, and instructor contact information.
    • Testing information for ELI
  • Download the Dual Enrollment Application Form, fill it out, and get appropriate signatures.
  • Submit all documents to the ELI Counselor by fax or by email.
    • A completed dual enrollment form
    • A copy of your high school transcript or home school equivalent
    • A cover letter that clearly identifies the reason for requesting to take the course through NOVA at this time and how the course fits into your overall academic plan and career goal.
    • The student should also confirm that they have taken the NOVA English Placement test, or provide a copy of the SAT or ACT score.
    • Include the summary page of the completed the Smarter Measure Assessment for Online Course Readiness. The ELI Counselor will have online access to this information.
  • Submit All Dual Enrollment Documents

Once you’ve completed the checklist, submit all requested documents to Manny Bartolotta, the ELI Counselor who works with Dual Enrollment students, either by email attachment to ebartolotta@nvcc.edu, or by fax (703-323-3392). Students are encouraged to contact Mr. Bartolotta to address any questions or concerns. Mr. Bartolotta may be reached by email at ebartolotta@nvcc.edu or by phone at 703-323-3324.

After the request for Dual Enrollment is reviewed and a decision is made by the ELI Director of Student Services, Mr. Bartolotta will notify the student about the decision. If approved, an ELI Counselor will register the student in the appropriate class.