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What Do I Need To Know About Other Resources?

Admissions and Registration

There is a wealth of information available to help you work through the application and registration process. Here’s how to apply for admission to the college and register for courses:


All students are entitled to the same accommodations for disabilities throughout the college.


Financial Aid

If you think you may be eligible for financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid for guidance.

Library Resources

You may use all college library facilities.

As a distance learner, you can also benefit especially from:

  • Remote access for off-campus access to library databases.
  • Individualized help called “Ask a Librarian” to either request help by email or to chat live with a librarian online.
Testing Centers

Check with the testing center to make sure it is open when you want to take an exam. You may choose a testing center on any campus. Center hours sometimes vary, so call first to make sure the testing center will be open when you want to take an exam.

Be sure you allow enough time to take the exam. Each testing center requires that you arrive 90 minutes before closing. All exams are collected 15 minutes before the testing center closes.

Be sure to bring a photo ID and your exam pass. You can find exam passes the syllabus section of your Blackboard course site. These are course and exam specific. Make sure you print out the correct exam pass for the exam you are taking.


To ask about veterans benefits, contact the Office of Veterans Affairs.

IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk provides technical support for students Monday through Saturday. Some of the services they provide include college email support, Blackboard login information, remote library access, and locating course grades online.

Post Test

Take this post-test to see how much you know about resources online learning.

1. Which of the following services may ELI students use on any NOVA campus?

    The library

    Computer labs

    Financial aid

    All of the above

2. Contact a counselor at ELI or on any campus if you want more information about:

    what you should buy for your biology lab kit.

    what courses you should take first.

    how to obtain financial aid.

    what hours the library is open.

3. When you are ready to take your first exam, you should:

    ask your professor to send you the exam.

    check the testing center hours online to make sure it is open when you want to come in.

    make an appointment to take the exam at ELI.

    tell your advisor you are ready to take the exam.

4. If you need library resources but you can't possibly come to campus, you should:

    withdraw from the course because finding library resources is impossible for you to do as a distance learning student.

    call the ELI office and tell the staff that you can't come to campus.

    get on the Internet and check out the remote library access and the ASK THE LIBRARIAN services.

    ask for an extension because you can't get enough information.